Individual Struggles: Our Texts for November

by Indulgence Editors

Our November texts both focus on stories of individuals struggling with identification in often unfriendly worlds. The theme this month is ‘Belonging.’

Invisible Man, Got the Whole World Watching is Mychal Denzel Smith’s debut book, a memoir covering his growth as a young Black man living while many of his fellows, especially Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, were killed. The book is especially notable for its treatment of gender and sexuality, and its combination of personal reflection and broader commentary.

Chang-Rae Lee’s 2014 novel, On Such a Full Sea, imagines a future North America divided geographically and socially into three distinct types of human settlement. Fan, from B-mor, a factory town responsible for growing fish and vegetables, searches for her partner on a journey which takes her across those spatial and class boundaries.

Belonging plays diverse roles in both texts. Smith finds places where he belongs, but also, as the title suggests, faces a world which often refuses to see him as a person. B-more is one of the few places in Lee’s universe where belonging seems possible, but Fan leaves there early in the book.

We’re looking forward to what our contributors make of the texts and theme this month.

To submit, please visit our submissions page.



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