Why we need Indulgence now

from the Social Editor

Today is the 2016 election, and I’m writing before the results are in. That’s because as a social movement, Indulgence isn’t about candidates, and is even less about presidents. That’s not to say that those kinds of doing politics are not important but that this election has shown us work that needs to be done regardless of tonight’s results.

This work can be broadly described as rebuilding respectful and carefully considered discourse: disagreeing about what matters most, but doing so in a way that strengthens the relationship between the people who disagree. To foster that activity, Indulgence seeks to build a space that supports the careful listening and thought such discourse requires.

At the same time, this publication does not accept the dichotomy of safe space vs. free speech. Speaking freely does not mean hurting people and we don’t see a fair contradiction here. Indulgence seeks to be a safe space–safe for people, safe for opinions, safe for dialogue.

The internet is supposed to be a place that brings the world together. It also allows us to build our own echo chambers that keep diverging voices out. We want to make the promise of connection, not isolation and offer a site for its practice.


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