Mourning and the Future: December Announcement

by Jane de Beauvoir

We’re heartbroken too. We need this week for wallowing. The pain we feel, the fear, and the disbelief are here to stay. We won’t wake up from this, as much as we might hope to. Indulgence renews its commitment to creating a safe space for expression and discussion of these feelings. And we can’t dip from the seriousness of the concerns. To our sisters and brothers who are Muslim, who are LGBTQ, who are trans, who are POC, who are targeted by hate and violence: we’re here. Talk with us. Read with us. Write with us.

The terrifying truth is that no small evil outside player caused the pain of this moment. Rather, it is the consequence of other people’s pain–as unjust, illegitimate and dangerous as we might well think those feeling to be–and we have to address them. As a community that holds dear politics of respect and love, acceptance and support, we feel the need to reach out to people who did this. They sent out a cry for help by voting an evil orange carrot into the White House and we need to attend to them before they destroy everyone’s life.

In December, we will read Judith Butler’s Precarious Life: The Powers of Mourning and Violence (Verso 2004) and Adrienne Maree Brown & Walidah Imarisha’s Octavia’s Brood: Science Fiction Stories from Social Justice Movements (AK Press 2015). Our connecting theme for the month will be “Mourning and the Future.” We picked them before the election and we couldn’t be happier to have them waiting for us now. The feeling of a post-crisis moment is visceral. The need for future visions is beyond urgent. We turn to these women for their advice, please indulge in their texts with us.

Please take up your pens and contribute at this urgent time. Visit the submissions page and send us your take.



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