Write for Indulgence

by Social Editor

Indulgence is about doing those things that fill us with wholesome energy. The feeling of nice wool coming together under the guidance of knitting needles, the wonderfully sour taste of a favorite malt liquor, taking a moment to notice the sky, 5 hours of deliciously terrible binge-watching, and, of course, putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) in luxurious expression.

I participated in beginning Indulgence because I am a missionary of communication. Not only do I need to write and share, but I need to hear what others are saying. I want to be raised up by them, challenged by them, reformed and honed by them. That means I might not agree with everything that gets published on this platform I helped to make, and that’s the way I like it.

So, when the feeling moves you, indulge in expression and share your work with us. We take all kinds of submissions that can be shared on our digital platform, though we encourage you to consider the month’s texts and theme. Check our our November focus here and our December books and theme here. You’ll likely want to check out our submissions guidelines, which include instructions for how to submit.

We look forward to indulging in your work!






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