What now? Post Election To-Do List

by Emily Bolecek

The past few weeks have been devastating for our country. Not only is a Trump presidency shocking and terrifying, but the president-elect has continued to prove he is a threat by surrounding himself with a team that is increasingly alarming. Perhaps the most important thing to remember about this election is that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. Most people in this nation do not support the bigoted, dangerous views of our president-elect. I’m sharing my to-do list with you because no matter who you are, I trust you are awesome, good people who can make a difference. Here is what I’m doing. I urge you to also get involved!

1. Donate
I am making monthly donations to the following groups. In lieu of Christmas gifts, I will be making donations on behalf of my friends and family this year.
2. Help elect Foster Campbell 
This is important. A US Senate seat in Louisiana has yet to be decided. There is a runoff election in December between Foster Campbell (D) and John Kennedy (R). One more democrat in the Senate would make a huge difference. If you have friends or family in LA, urge them to vote for Foster Campbell. Also, donate or make calls on his behalf.


3. Volunteer
Do whatever stirs you, but here are some ideas:


4. Vote in the midterm elections 
Put November 6, 2018 on your calendars. Remind friends to vote. This is the time for Democrats to take back Congress.


5. Call your representatives
Find your reps here. This takes a total of 5 minutes. Call before 6pm today and ask that your representative publicly oppose the appointment of white nationalist, Steve Bannon, as chief strategist.


6. Be kind to each other
I am wearing a safety pin to let people know I am an ally. I am trying to walk more slowly in the city, make eye contact with the homeless, hold open doors for people. It’s time to be gentle, soft, and kind because so many people are hurting deeply right now. “We will never have perfect world, but it’s not romantic or naive to work towards a better one.” -Steven Pinker

7. Self care 
Mental health is super important in these weeks following the election and will be going forward. This election has affected me very personally and left me feeling raw. Know that you aren’t alone in these feelings. Some ideas to take care of yourself:
  • Exercise: yoga, take walks and enjoy the fall leaves
  • Meditate
  • Gratitude practice: write down three things you are grateful for
  • Get a massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Watch movies that make you happy
  • Cook a warm meal

Know that you aren’t alone. Keep us posted on what you are involved with because what we do together does more that what we can each do alone. Post, share, spread what you do. Bring together the people around you. Don’t stand down, but take care of yourself. And thank you! No matter how little or how much you do, thank you.


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