Materials of Indulgence

by Angelina Eimannsberger, with Ian Kennedy

We called this magazine Indulgence because we enjoy enjoying–carbs, texts, thoughts, tv, and many other things. One of our special favorites is indulging in femininity. Makeup, clothes, girl friendship, and pink are often considered trivial, domestic, and superficial things. To us, lived experience is the real deal and we can’t stop thinking about it.


In that vein, we adore the trending of #DressLikeAWoman. Indulging in femininity in all its forms is part of what this magazine is here for.  Tammy Duckworth (top left image) and so many other woman inspire us every day. There are two women however who have inspired this conception of reality for me personally: Mindy Kaling and Carolyn Kay Steedman.

We know Mindy as the triple threat Kelly Kapoor on The Office, and as the show runner and star actor of The Mindy Project, and the author of two books. She might be developing a new show. She has referred to her main character Mindy Lahiri as a chubby Indian girl who enjoys beautiful clothing, good food, and sex.

Less well know, Carolyn is the British scholar who published “Landscape for a Good Woman” (Rutgers University Press 1987) as a case study of the her own and her mother’s working class childhoods. Access to New Look clothing (see top right picture) is Carolyn’s tory mother’s biggest longing. In the case-study memoir, Steedman the adult woman and scholar looks back at why this longing isn’t trivial, or irrelevant. Instead it serves as a means of entry into the experience of being working class and being woman.

So, lived experience and indulgence are the guiding principles of Indulgence. We hope to share them with you.Tell us your thoughts. Tell us what you indulge in. Tell us what your are thinking about and what you are working on. While monthly book pics and current events are our most frequent topics so far, we strongly encourage any kind of essay, poetry, narrative, and art submission.

Also, come to our jour fixe this Thursday, Feb 9, 8:30, at Peculiar Pub on Bleecker St! It will be a great time to bounce ideas and plan projects. 


Tammy Duckworth pic:

New look pic:




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