“Make Your Own Freedom” and “Do You Have a Secret?

by Indulgence Editors

February saw our first Jour Fixe (thank you to all who made it out!) and a surprise early Spring here in New York. There are crocuses out in the park already. We’ll send out the next invite soon!


We have exciting new books and themes come up. In March, we turn to Joseph Massad’s Islam in Liberalism (University of Chicago Press 2015) and try to “Make Our Own Freedom,” Indulgence‘s March theme. We turn to this text to think with Massad about how there is always an inferior, dangerous, and ostracized groups constructed to maintain power, and how we can break out of such dangerous binaries.

IMG_20170219_183731.jpgApril will bring us a fiction text, Brit Bennett’s novel The Mothers (Riverhead 2016). This debut novel explores the specificity of life for Black mothers in America. With Bennet, we will ask “Do You Have a Secret?” to combat self-righteousness in ourselves and others. Lets look inside ourselves to what we really think and feel. The private always has been and always will be political, and we will try to find out our secret inner impulses for the politics and views we all hold.

We’re excited and hopefully you are too. When you’re inspired by the books, the themes, or anything else that you are currently working on, submit to indulgence. We look forward to reading it.


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