Indulgence is a magazine driven by reader submissions framed by what’s happening int he world. It is a space of discussion, of critical thought, and of nice writing.

Each month we select two texts, one fiction and one non-fiction, and a theme which connects them. The texts and theme serve as the framing for that month’s issue.

Indulgence is not an endorsement of capitalism. It does not encourage┬áto spend money to buy happiness. Instead, it has a two-folded mission: one, indulge in topics you care about, in critical thinking, in honing your writing skills. Second, say “thank you for indulging me” to your friend. By that, we mean that critical exchange is valuable but dependent on the kindness of up-front honesty without aggressive down-taking. So, indulge in thinking and exchange of thought with us.

If you have something you’d like to submit, please visit the submissions page.